10th November 2020, Tuesday

Opening session

18:00 – 20:30 UTC+2

Moderator: Prof. Peter Delev/ Prof. Dilyana Boteva

Opening speeches

  • Prof. Maria Stoycheva, Vice-rector of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
  • Assoc. Prof. Hristo Popov, Director of National Archaeological Institute with Museum – BAS
  • Assoc. Prof. Veneta Handhziyska-Yankulova, Director of Regional History Museum Sofia
  • Dr. Valentina Grigorova-Gencheva, Head of Gold and Numismatics Department, Fibank

Key speakers

François DE CALLATAŸ. Bulgaria – a land of treasures: On the size of the two massive inflows of monetized precious metals in inner Bulgaria after the return of Thracian mercenaries having served for Alexander (and the Diadochi) and the Roman army

Mirjana VOJVODA, Ilija MIKIĆ. Number of coins as grave goods in children inhumation graves and their position in relation to the deceased.  Case of the Viminacium’s southern necropolises

Pavel PAVLOVITCH. Numismatic witnesses about early Islam (650–700 CE)

Dochka ALADZHOVA, Valentina GRIGOROVA GENCHEVA. History of numismatic research in Bulgaria: between the National Museum (now NAIM – BAS) and Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

11th November 2020, Wednesday

1st Discussion session, Greek and Thracian Numismatics

10:00 – 11:30 UTC+2

Moderators: Prof. François de Callataÿ/ Prof. Dilyana Boteva

  1. Nina HADZHIEVA. New localizations of the coin circulation in the valley of Middle Mesta in the 6th-4th century BC
  2. Miroslav MADJAROV. Coin Circulation on the Upper Reaches of the Stryama River (6th – 4th century BC)
  3. Dobriela KOTOVA. Was, wenn Sparadokos kein Sohn von Teres war
  4. Angela BERTHOLD. The Silver Coinage of the Thracian Chersonese
  5. Julia TZVETKOVA. The lion of Chersonese: some observation on the iconography of the hemidrachms of the Thracian Chersonese
  6. Hristina IVANOVA-ANAPLIOTI. Interaction and problematics of the bronze coinage minted for Apollonia Pontica at the edge of the 4th towards the 3rd century BC
  7. Metodi MANOV. The Alexander type tetradrachms minted in Cabyle and the West Pontic cities in the 3rd century BC – “peace-money”, “protection money” or something else?

Break: 11:30 – 11:45 UTC+2

2nd Discussion session, Greek and Thracian Numismatics

11:45 – 13:15 UTC+2

Moderators: Prof. François de Callataÿ/ Prof. Dilyana Boteva

  1. Ivo TOPALILOV. Some Notes on the Early Messambrian coinage and the cult to the oikist
  2. Igor LAZARENKO. Production and distribution of Hellenistic counterfeit and imitation coins of the town of Istros in Northeastern Thrace (ppt)
  3. Vladimir F. STOLBA, Ulrike PETER. The Bronze Coinage of Lysimacheia Revisited
  4. Constantin MARINESCU. The Lysimachi Coinage of Perinthus
  5. Julij EMILOV. Do you have change? Ancient Use and Modern Misuse of Cavarus Bronze Coins
  6. Ivaylo LOZANOV. Byzantion over Mithridates VI: a Roman perspective
  7. Ilya PROKOPOV, Dilyana BOTEVA. Тhe coin hoard from Ablanitsa on the Middle Mesta (IGCH 890; CH X 129; ICHB I, p. 4) and the problem of an enigmatic coinage

Break: 13:15 – 14:30 UTC+2

3rd Discussion session, Roman Numismatics

14:30 – 16:00 UTC+2

Moderators: Dr. Ulrike Peter/ Dr. Valentina Grigorova-Gencheva

  1. Francesca CECI, Giancluca MANDATORI. Die heilbringenden Gottheiten auf den Münzen der thrakischen Provinz: Ikonographie, Verteilung und Interpretation
  2. Marina DOYCHINOVA, Boyka ZLATEVA. The denarii hoard Sofia (CCCHBulg IX,  Serdica 3): XRF analysis preliminary report (poster)
  3. Mariana MINKOVA. Roman Republican Coin Hoard from Preslaven Village, Stara Zagora Region (poster)
  4. Vladimir PETROVIC. Timacum Maius: Quelques considérations sur monnaies et circulation monétaire romaine
  5. Hristo PRESHLENOV. The Roman Provincial Coinage of the Southwestern Pontic Cities (emissions, functions, circulation in the regional economy)
  6. Svetoslava FILIPOVA. Coin hoard from the village of Kamenik, Kyustendil region (poster)
  7. Lily GROZDANOVA. Coin hoards containing specimens from the mint of Pautalia – analysis and reconstructions (poster)

Break: 16:00 – 16:15 UTC+2

4th Discussion session, Roman Numismatics

16:15 – 17:45 UTC+2

Moderators: Dr. Ulrike Peter/ Dr. Valentina Grigorova-Gencheva

  1. Aylin TANRIÖVER. Lost or intentionally deposited? The coin finds from Didyma
  2. Sanja BITRAK. Published coin hoards in the territory of Republic of North Macedonia
  3. Miroslava DOTKOVA. The circulation of Roman Provincial coins of Nicaea in the territory of present-day Bulgaria
  4. Bianca VASSILEVA. The dating of the provincial coinage of Faustina Minor in Thracia
  5. Ivan VALCHEV, Nikolay DIMITROV. Coin circulation in Kabyle during the Late Roman period (based on the finds from sector V)
  6. Desislava DAVIDOVA. Der Münzfund aus provinzialen Emissionen von Plovdiv (poster)

12th November 2020, Thursday

1st Discussion session, Mediaeval Numismatics

10:00 – 11:30 UTC+2

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Albena Milanova

  1. Zhenya ZHEKOVA. Money and society in the early medieval Bulgarian empire
  2. Vladimir OVTCHAROV. “Billon” coinage of King Joan Shichman (1371-1395): Structural investigation (poster)
  3. Stoyan MIHAYLOV. Collective coin finds of the 13th and the 14th centuries from Trapezitsa fortress in Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria)
  4. Ivayla POPOVA. Some data on the coinage in Dalmatia in the 14th century reflected in the Itinerary of Symon Semeonis
  5. Georgi DIMOV. Problems of Byzantine silver coinage during the reign of Andronicus II Palaeologus (1282-1328)

Break: 11:30 – 11:45 UTC+2

2nd Discussion session, Ottoman and Modern Numismatics

11:45 – 13:15 UTC+2

Moderator: Dr. Valentina Grigorova-Gencheva

  1. Vladislav TODOROV. Western European coins from Kremikovtsi Monastery
  2. Kaloyan DIMOV. Notes about some Dubrovnik’s archaeological finds from the territory of Silistra Sanjak
  3. Hristian ATANASOV. The Ottoman Court Records (Sicils) as a source for the Ottoman monetary history in the 18th and 19th centuries
  4. Mika BOROS. Die Sammlung Spöttl im Wien Museum/The Collection Spöttl in the Vienna Museum

Break: 13:15 – 14:30 UTC+2

Round table: 14:30 – 16:00 UTC+2
Issues and perspectives of the Bulgarian Numismatics

Moderator: Prof. Ilya Prokopov

Discussion topics

  • The counterfeits: the problem and the scientific counteraction
  • Digitizing the numismatic cultural heritage, access and working in digital environment

Timely registered participants with contributions to the conference proceedings:

  • Olivier PICARD. Les premières monnaies Thraces: entre Thraces et Grecs et Perses
  • Gabriel TALMAȚCHI. Considerations regarding the pre-monetary and monetary forms of exchange (monetary signs) discovered in the territories of economic influence of the Greek colonies Orgame, Istros and Tomis (6th-5th century BC)
  • Oliver HOOVER. The Military Movement of Hellenistic Bronze Coinage and its Implications
  • Deyan DICHEV, Atanas KOYCHEV. Silver and bronze coins found in the tower of the fortified ruler’s residence dated to the late Hellenistic age located at Pastich locality near the village of Brodilovo, Tsarevo Municipality
  • Maria KAMISHEVA. Golden Diadem from Ruse Region (3rd – 2nd century BC) in the Regional Museum of History Stara Zagora
  • Vessela ATANASSOVA. Egyptian Gods on Coins from Ancient Thrace
  • Mariana SLAVOVA. Coin finds in the 2nd-1st century BC in the Haskovo region
  • Smilyan TODOROV. Marble Head of a Woman from Heraclea Sintica – from Hairstyle to Identity
  • Sotir IVANOV. Historical Context of the Numismatic Complex from the Archaeological Excavations along the Route of the Struma Highway in the Lands of Polenitsa and Damyanitsa Villages, Sandanski Municipality
  • Varbin VARBANOV. The coin hoard from village of Shiroko pole, Kardzhali district and the events in the middle of 3rd century in the province of Thrace
  • Rosen PEEVSKI. Particularity of silver coinage in the 5th century 
  • Nevyan MITEV, Dragomir GEORGIEV. Foreign Coins in the Coin Circulation of the Kaza of Provadia (the 16 – 18 centuries) (according to data from the depository of History museum – Provadia)
  • Raško RAMADANSKI. The golden Perun – an attempt at issuing currency by prince-bishop Petar II Petrović Njegoš (1830-1851) of Montenegro
  • Violeta KOTSEVA-POPOVA. Use of money in the healing ritual in Bulgaria (based on materials from the beginning of the 21th century)
  • Joanna BENCHEVA. The price of bread. The grain trade in the Balkans in the 13th-15th century