From June 19th to 23rd, 2023, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” will host the International conference “10th Joint Meeting of ECFN and & the 2nd Bulgarian Numismatic Readings TOGETHER”.

The European Coin Find Network (ECFN) is a network of institutions engaged in researching and recording coin finds made across Europe. It is coordinated by the Römisch-Germanische Kommission (RGK) des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts (DAI). is a collaborative project whose goal is to promote the use in numismatics of digital representations according to the principles of Linked Open Data.
The joint meetings offer a productive space, where specialists in numismatics can present and discuss studies of coin finds from the Iron Age to the Medieval period, results of digital projects on coin finds including GIS applications, statistical studies, database and online applications, etc.

The aim of BulgNR is to be a regular scholarly forum where Bulgarian and international specialists in the field of numismatics, history, archaeology, art history, anthropology, etc. present their observations on coin minting and circulation, economy, trade, finances, traditional and new methodologies in numismatic studies, etc. as a contribution to the picture of the past of Southeastern Europe from Antiquity to the Ottoman period (6th century BC – 19th century).

Since 2012, there have been nine joint meetings of ECFN and

  • 1st Joint Meeting of ECFN and – 2012, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • 2nd Joint Meeting of ECFN and – 2013, Archaeological Park Carnuntum, Petronell-Carnuntum, Austria
  • 3rd Joint Meeting of ECFN and – 2014, Basel, Switzerland
  • 4th Joint Meeting of ECFN and – 2015, Archaeological Institute, University of Warsaw at Nieborów Palace, Poland
  • 5th Joint Meeting of and the European Coin Find Network (ECFN) – 2016, Université de Caen Normandie, France
  • 6th Joint Meeting of and the European Coin Find Network (ECFN) – 2017, National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 7th Joint Meeting of ECFN and – 2018, Museu de Prehistoria de València, Spain
  • 8th Joint Meeting of ECFN and – 2019, Università degli Studi di Messina, Italy
  • 9th Joint Meeting of ECFN and – 2021, Viminacium Archaeological Park, Serbia