The Annual Meeting of ECFN 2024 will take place at the Teylers Museum in Haarlem, Netherlands on November 6th-7th.

The deadline for the Call for Papers and Posters is 15th June 2024.

The 2024 meeting will be dedicated to two topics. Papers and posters are invited on the following subjects:

1. Digital aspects of the recording and analysis of coins, coin finds and collections,
including GIS and statistical analysis, databases, semantic web, visualisation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

2. Coins, coin finds and the public.
How do archaeologists and numismatists interact with the non-academic community in recording and presenting coins and coin finds?
What are the challenges, and what experiences have particularly contributed to the success of finds recording schemes (PAN/PAS, local initiatives)?
Innovative ways of presenting coin finds, their context and significance to the general public.

The meeting will consist of two full days, and we envisage papers consisting of 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes discussion, as well as a poster session. We might also consider the possibility of panel discussions.
The conference language is English.

Please submit proposals for papers and posters (name, institution, title, abstract of 150-200 words) by email to: ecfn2024(at)

Jan Pelsdonk
Rahel Ackermann
Dilyana Boteva
David Wigg-Wolf